Scott Lebeda

Director / Camera Operator


Hello there

I'm Scott! Do you have a creative project that is in need of someone to take it from beginning to end? If so, then I'm your guy! I have extensive experience in Motion Pictures, Commercials, Short Films, Television, Web Media and much more.




Midnight Rebel

Short film that I directed for the 2016 Boston 48hr Film Project.


Monkey Dust

Short Film that I directed for the 2014 Providence 48hr Film Project.


The Bo Show

Short Film that I directed for the 2013 Boston 48hr Film Project.

Camera Operator


Snow White Christmas

A Camera Operator for Snow White Christmas, independent feature film. Director of Photography Terrence Hayes.


Ghost Light

A Camera Operator for Ghost Light, independent feature film. Directed by John Stimpson. Director of Photography Terrence Hayes.


Slender Man

A Camera Operator for Slender Man, feature film for Sony Screen Gems. Directed by Silvan White. Director of Photography Luca Del Puppo.


Proud Mary

A Camera Operator for Proud Mary, feature film for Sony Screen Gems. Directed by Babak Najafi. Director of Photography Dan Laustsen.



A Camera Operator for Cadaver, feature film for Sony Screen Gems.


Alter Rock

B Camera Operator for Alter Rock, feature film directed by Andrezj Bartkowiak.


The Murder Pact

Television movie for Lifetime Channel.


Charles W. Morgan - National Geographic

I shot this piece for National Geographics website. It chronicles the sailing of the the last remaining wooden whaling vessel the Charles W. Morgan.


Sea Rescue - Discovery Channel

I've shot several segments for the show Sea Rescue that airs on the Discovery Channel.

2010 - 2012

Style Boston

I was camera operator for this lifestyle magazine show in Boston for two season. The show was nominated for two Regional Emmy Awards.

Focus Puller


Honest Thief

I was the focus puller on this movie staring Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh and Jeffery Donovan. Director of Photography was Shelly Johnson.


Last Poker Game

I was the focus puller on this movie staring Martin Landau and Paul Sorvino. Director of Photography was Terrence Hayes.


Measure of a Man

B Camera Focus Puller. Feature film starring Luke Wilson, Judy Greer, and Donald Sutherland. Director of Photography Denson Baker.


Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket

A Camera Focus Puller. Feature film.


Black Car

A Camera Focus Puller. Feature film for Lifetime.


Welcome Home

A Camera Focus Puller. Feature film for Lifetime.


The Spirit of Christmas

A Camera Focus Puller. Feature film for Lifetime.


Irrational Man

B Camera Focus Puller. Feature film starring Emma Stone, Jaoquin Pheonix. Directed by Woody Allen. Director of Photography Darius Knodji.


2005 - Current

Good Natured Dog Productions

Co-Founder and Creative Director

2017 - Current

Women in Film & Video of New England

Board Member / Tech Advisor

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Camera Operator
Focus Puller
Sound Mixer
Assistant Editor

Camera Knowledge

  • Hawk 65, V-Plus, V-Lite Anamorphic Lenses
  • Sony A7S II, A9, Shogun Flame
  • Arri Alexa and Amira
  • Red Dragon
  • Sony F5, F55, FS7
  • Canon
  • Panasonic Varicam
  • GoPro
  • Blackmagic
  • Arricam Lite / Studio
  • Arri SRII and SRIII
  • Multiple Still Cameras
  • iPhone


What i do

I direct and film things

The motion image is my passion. Let me take your project from conception to completion.


As Director I take your project from pre-visualization to finalization.

Camera Operator

I have operated features, television shows, commercials and web content. My eye for framing and camera movement set me apart from everyone else.

Focus Puller

I have pulled focus on many feature films and commercials and will keep your creative image sharp.

Sound Mixer

I have been a sound mixer for movies and televison.

Assistant Editor

Getting the footage and audio from set to editor ready can be tough. Let me do it and you'll be extremely organized and ready to go for your editor.


  • All
  • Camera Operator
  • Director
  • Photography


Scott is an absolute pleasure to work with; he's extremely creative and it shows on set. Scott strives to make sure everyone he's working with is comfortable and well taken care of. I strongly recommend him as a film maker and would gladly work with him again.

Winter Adams / Editor-In-Chief at Pink Puck

Scott has a great eye when it comes to composition and color. He knows when to tell you something doesn't work and offers solutions. He's not only great to work with but brings a level of professionalism with him where ever he goes

Alecia Orsini / CEO Good Natured Dog Productions

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